Bringing Swiss Mountain Clinic Home Part 1

I just got back from the Swiss Mountain Clinic in the Swiss Alps, just an hour and a half drive from Milan. My husband, daughter (3 years old) and I went there as a part of their liver detox program. My daughter didn’t participate of course!

What attracted me to this program and to the clinic was a couple things. 1. This clinic has a reputation for treating chronic disease including cancer and 2. They use therapies that are uncommon. I know, the liver detox part was largely just an excuse though I’d been told by my doctor that my liver and kidneys were a bit sluggish.

What I didn’t know is how special their clinic is. And that’s where I’ll start in this 3 part series.


The drinking water is directly from their natural spring and is amazingly pure. It’s tested twice a year using a TDS-3 measuring device showing between 29-31 ppm which is extraordinary. The reason why this is so important is because water is necessary in the transportation of oxygen and nutrients, cooling and toxin removal so the more pure it is and naturally structured, the better.

But, chances are you don’t have your own natural totally pure spring right? For my drinking and cooking water I use a Berkey water filter with their added fluoride filter.  I have chlorine filters on my shower heads and a filter for bath water.

Nature and Energy

It’s hard to avoid nature at this clinic. Every room has a view of the alps. The grounds are also filled with fruits, herbs and art. The lower part of the garden is a part of an ancient pilgrimage tail which was traversed by ancient Celts and Etruscans.  This trail that goes up to the small village up the road, Santa Maria, is a “Celtic Place of Power”.

The grounds have been measured for vibrational frequencies and is extremely high. The site is on overlapping ley lines which may be why the energy is high.  It’s noted also that the energy is feminine and both Celts and Christians represented this is drawings in the area.  This energy is thought to be very healing.

Alas, you probably don’t live on a ley line right? But you can increase your connection to nature both at home and in your daily life.

Images of nature and house plants are excellent ways to add nature right away to your home and for a small cost or even free. Print some landscape photos at home and find inexpensive wood frames or clip them to glass for a simple solution. You can ask friends and family for houseplants they don’t want anymore or you can buy small plants for a few dollars at your local Ikea.

In your daily life, connecting with nature by going on a short hike or walk through a park or forrest is wonderful. Or you can just take off your shoes and walk around in your yard. This act seems so simple but it’s extremely grounding energetically. We rarely connect directly with the earth, but it’s so easy to do!

Dr. Petra with my daughter Georgia on a hike to Santa Maria

Electromagnetic and Radio Frequencies

A building biologist had visited the clinic in 2014 to take measurements of electric, magnetic and radio frequencies in an around the clinic. The findings were excellent. All the rooms have a neutral energy overall which means they are not harmful to patient health. Once space in the building though had no artificial electromagnetic radiation – that’s the Flower of Life Chamber. This is most closely connected to the ley lines I mentioned above so it has a bit of a boost of positive power.

Why does this matter for health? Health professionals are seeing an exponential growth in EMF sensitivities and symptoms (which range wildly from person to person). One building biologist I met at the clinic, David Young of Inlogix, told me of several client examples illustrating this point. One client couldn’t live in his home and thought it was mold. His health had deteriorated. David suggested turning off the WiFi and his client started to feel better he was able to move back inside. Another client of his had a child who was having difficulty sleeping and through testing they determined there was some bad wiring just above her bed.

The good news is that you can easily take some steps to reduce negative/health harming frequencies in your home.

  1. Turn off your WiFi at night and consider going back to wired internet service.
  2. Check your home for faulty wiring
  3. Turn your cell phone onto airplane mode when you have it on you or on your bedside table
  4. Always use wired headset for conversations on your cell phone
  5. Turn off the smart functions on your appliances
  6. Turn your computer’s WiFi off when you aren’t using it (or go back to wired service)
  7. Charge your computer, iPad and phone while you’re not using them

Through these three strategies, you can bring important elements of Swiss Mountain Clinic home.

To learn more about ways you can reduce your toxin exposure and rebalance your body, join my 5 Day Summer Detox for Beginners. This program starts on July 13th but early bird sign up ends July 8th and space is limited! Hope to see you there.


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