Solutions + Services


Ultimate Wellness Plan

Get full-spectrum physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health support to overcome your health obstacles and step into your higher purpose.

Epigenetic Hair Testing

Uncover the 5-6 top priority challenges that keep you from achieving optimum health and wellness along with a 90-day personalized plan.

Functional Medicine
Lab Testing

Through different testing methods, you can discover and learn more about your individual needs for healthier well-being.

Corporate Wellness Packages

Group coaching programs, core wellness education series and 30 day challenges to help your organization improve stress resilience, energy and focus.

Freebies + Mini Courses

Integrative Health Practitioner - Hormone Health - Jessica Green

3-Day Anti-inflammatory Meal Plan

Simple, delicious recipes to help you meet your health goals. Mix and match the recipes in this e-book to create three days of health-promoting meals!

Integrative Health Practitioner - Hormone Health - Jessica Green

The Clean Kitchen Handout

Building a healthy kitchen begins with organizing your environment. In this guide, you will learn about a variety of essential kitchen tools, their uses, and how to sort them into categories.