What is Electrosmog? Learn these 7 easy ways to reduce your exposure

We are mostly energy – we know this thanks to quantum science. We are vibrating beings and we’re affected by energy that we’re exposed to in a negative, neutral or positive way. 

To give you a good illustration of what that could look like for someone with chronic illness I’d like to take you to Elana Amsterdam’s story which you can read in full at her blog. Elana has Multiple Sclerosis. Through diet and lifestyle changes she had reduced her symptoms significantly and was able to live a normal and happy life. This all changed for her when she moved into her newly ‘Green’ renovated home. The home had everything you could imagine in terms of energy efficiency including a smart meter and smart appliances. In a short time, after moving in, her symptoms started up again. It took her months before she realized her home made her sick and it was because of these smart devices and her increased exposure to EMFs. 

Many research and medical institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard and Yale have recognized EMFs as a serious threat to human health. I point this out because it’s not just circumstantial evidence that EMFs can cause autoimmune symptoms to worsen, it’s a fact that these frequencies harm our body. 

In this video, I cover what Electrosmog it, how it might be affecting you and how to reduce your exposure.

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So what is Electrosmog?

  • Electromagnetic frequencies that are human made and interfere with our body’s normal function AND
  • Includes radio frequency, magnetic fields, electric fields and dirty electricity.

This is a growing concern. The amount of electromagnetic smog world-wide is increasing exponentially. As of June 2018, 55% of global population has internet access. 68% has a cell phone.

What are common sources of Electrosmog?Electrosmog

  • Smartphones
  • WiFi
  • Cell towers
  • Smart meters
  • Everyday appliances 
  • Wiring inside your home
  • Charging cords
  • Computers and tablets
  • Lights (Fluorescents and Lighting on dimmers)
  • Wireless phones
  • Baby monitors

It’s also important to note that any metal we have in our body acts as an antenna attracting these frequencies. That goes for beds as well which is important to note since we spend so much time in them.. 

We know that Electrosmog cause the following:

  • DNA damage
  • Opens blood-brain barrier allowing mercury, organochlorines and other pollutants to enter the brain
  • Reduces body’s reserves of antioxidants
  • Increases stress hormone
  • Reduced sleep

Based on 135 studies we can also conclude Electrosmog causes the following symptoms:

  • hormone disruption
  • anxiety
  • neurological disorders
  • respiratory issues
  • pain
  • skin problems
  • heart problems
  • tremors
  • throat problems
  • irritability
  • autoimmune conditions
  • increase cancer risk
  • infertility 
  • impaired sex drive
  • trigger early menopause
  • weight gain
  • impairs detoxification
  • weakens good gut bacteria
  • harms children (increase in autism and ADHD)
  • lowers bone density

Different people are affected in different ways. And some more than others. But if you have any of these symptoms then chances are the EMFs you’re exposed to is a part of the cause. 

Here are some simple steps you can take to reduce your exposure

  1. Turn off your WiFi at night and turn off all your devices WiFi before bed. 
  2. Turn your cell phone to airplane mode if you use it for an alarm clock on your bedside table.  If you need your cell phone on, keep it at least 8 feet from you.
  3. Turn your cell phone to airplane mode when you wear it on you (ie. in your pocket or in your purse). You can use a shielding device if you need to have it turned on such as Defender Shield.
  4. Keep devices one foot from your body when you’re using them and use a wired headset for conversations.
  5. If you’re using a baby monitor, keep this device at least 5 feet away from the baby (where they sleep, play or get a diaper change)
  6. Limit the amount of metal you wear on your body including metal jewelry and underwire bras. These act like an antenna for EMFs. 
  7. If you sleep on a bed that has metal coils and/or you have a metal bed frame. Consider replacing these with a metal free bed and wooden bed frame when you’re ready to replace them. 

Happily, there are also ways to help your body to detox from these frequencies and to repair the damage. Try adding some of the following supplements and foods into your diet. If you’re taking medication, always be sure to check with your healthcare professional. 

  1. Magnesium – helps to fight free radicals caused by oxidation due to EMF exposure
  2. Eat plenty of cruciferous veggies and foods high in polyphenols like cocoa and cumin
  3. Cannabidiol (CBD) – can find this in low dosage without THC and can help reduce inflammation in the body
  4. Niacin (B3) supplementation – a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) that repairs DNA damage

How have you been affected by electro smog?

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