What is 5G, Why You Should Worry

I’ve written about EMF’s and how they can impact your sleep but what I haven’t written much about is the impending 5G roll out and the controversy around it.

EMF’s are at the root cause of many “mystery illnesses”. These include: insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, brain fog and overall reduction in your ability to heal and recover.

This exposure is growing and so is the intensity. With 4G, there were about 210,000 antennas installed in the US alone. The cell phone industry is projecting this to increase  to over several millions (13 million is the current estimate) by 2025. What can that look like for a downtown area? One antenna for each block. In residential areas this can go up to one antenna for every 3 to 12 homes.

Another issue is that the new 5G frequency hasn’t been tested for it’s affect on humans, animals or nature. There hasn’t been any research. Some cities in Europe have stopped the 5G roll out, like Brussels, Belgium and Geneva, Switzerland sighting that they want proof that it’s safe before allowing it.

EMF safety standards haven’t been updated since 1996 (when the US had only 17,000 cell phone antennas) and that was for infrequent use of one device. It’s the cumulative EMF exposure that you really need to be concerned about.

Symptoms can also vary greatly from person to person. Elana, from Elana’s Pantry, reported she had a flare up of her MS when she moved into her Smart Metered home. Some others might experience anxiety and even others might just get headaches when they speak on their cell phone.  Note that children are more susceptible to cellular damage due to exposure.

According to Dr. Klinghart of Sophia Health Institute, this exposure causes an unleashing of retroviruses that the body isn’t equipped to deal with anymore due to a combination of EMF exposure and environmental toxins. These retroviruses are now thought to be the triggers for a multitude of chronic illnesses.

How to Reduce Your Exposure5G rollout-Jessica Green Wellness

  1. Take A Challenge – For 5 days, turn your phone off or put it on airplane mode whenever you have the phone on your body. At night, place it on airplane mode. When you do use your phone, have it at least 1 foot from your body and use wired ear buds (not bluetooth) if needed. Try this for 5 days and let me know if you feel any differences.
  2. Turn your WiFi off at night.
  3. If you’re suspicious about your sensitivity to EMF’s and would like to have an audit done of your home, consider hiring a building biologist. A building biologist who specializes in EMF’s will help you identify sources of EMF’s and be able to give you specific solutions to remediate these.

Herbs to Support Your Body

In addition to taking the steps noted above, Dr. Klinghart at Sophia Health Institute has recommended a form of Cistus tea as a way to effectively treat the retroviruses that the EMF’s trigger. Brew the tea for 15 minutes (6 cups water/ 1/4cup tea) and drink 4 to 8 cups per day (for adults, less for children).  Add Stevia which has also been proven to fight off retroviruses, lyme disease, EBV and mold mycotoxins.

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