Water Contaminants and Autoimmunity

Water is essential for proper detoxing but can contain contaminants that affect your body and result in autoimmune conditions.  In this video, I explain the three top contaminants in water, how they affect our health and how to reduce your exposure. 

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This is used as a disinfectant in potable water to kill off bacteria. It’s used in pools as well so we don’t all swim in a cesspool of grossness. Chlorine is sometimes replaced thought with Chloramine which is more stable but just as toxic. So instead of evaporating from say water sitting out in a pitcher on your counter, it’ll stick around so you can drink every last drop.

Chlorine’s been used since the late 1800’s because it’s the cheapest disinfectant, not because it’s the safest. In fact, to illustrate how not-safe it is the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality stated “Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than almond those whose water does not contain chlorine.”

Something you may also not consider is that inhaling chlorine is worse than drinking it because it’s absorbed right into your blood stream quickly. So that steam hot and unfiltered shower isn’t so beneficial after all.

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I love this topic because it seems to be a bit controversial, though I’m not sure why since the current science is quite clear.

Originally, fluoride was added to water in the 50’s and 60’s to prevent cavities. However, we know now (as of a 2004 study) that fluoride is only effective in topical application and not ingestion.

In fact, ingested, it’s a different story. Fluoride causes fluorosis which is mottling, pitting and weakening of teeth and this is worse in young children whose body’s can’t take the amount allowed in the water supply. Not only that but it causes hormone dysfunction. Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor, affect thyroid function, pineal gland, pancreas and adrenals just by ingesting doses of fluoride that fall within the range of APPROVED doses.  Approved does has been shown to alter thyroid function, elevate the levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone, calcitonin and parathyroid hormone. It also impairs glucose tolerance and increases the prevalence of goiters (NRC2006) In fact, since the introduction of fluoride the occurrence of goiters and autoimmune thyroid disease has skyrocketed. The National Research Council report summarized 23 studies that have observed adverse hormonal effects of fluoride at concentrations of 1-4 mg/L in drinking water.

Fluoride added to water has also been shown to reduce IQ levels. This is based on reports from India, China and Iran. Fluoride causes an increase of free radicals in the brain and neurodegeneration. It’s important to note that most european countries don’t add fluoride to the drinking water because it’s considered drugging the population without consent and it’s not been proved to be 100% safe and beneficial.

I love adding this last bit. The form usually added to water supplies is fluorosilic acid which is a waste product from the fertilizer industry. They would have had to pay to get rid of it, now they get paid! This is very toxic material and it’s written on the bags which huge skull and cross bones in red.


There are so many news articles on lead contamination in potable water supplies. Sources of lead contamination can come from a variety of places. Leaded paints, industrial waste and corroded pipes and faucets.

Prolonged elevated lead exposure can cause anemia, weakness, digestive issues, memory issues, depression and serious neurological effects as well as miscarriage.

What Can You Do?

Well aside from finding a natural spring nearby that’s been tested for harmful organisms like giardia, we have to look to filters.

  1. Add chlorine filters to your home such as a whole house system. This requires help from a plumber typically and can be high cost. 
  2. Add chlorine filter to shower heads and use a bath filter as well. These are great low cost ways to reduce your chlorine exposure by quite a bit. 
  3. Use a chlorine and fluoride filter for your drinking and kitchen water, when washing foods or boiling water.
    1. Berkey Filters – This is my absolute favorite water filter for me and my family. I’ve added the fluoride filter to this as well. 
    2. Reverse osmosis filters –  (countertop or undercounter) These are fantastic but do require electricity and are a bit pricier than a Berkey
    3. Distillers – However the structure of this water doesn’t make for great drinking water
  4. If eating out, you can bring a Propur straw – which filters fluoride from water

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Disclaimer: This article is provided for educational purposes and does not replace medical advice. This is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose disease.


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