Try This to Get Your Healthy Habits Back on Track

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve fallen off my health bandwagon numerous times. Nobody is perfect and we shouldn’t try to be perfect. Perfectionism doesn’t serve anyone. It makes us procrastinate on starting something new. It also makes us feel bad when we “fail” at whatever it is we’re trying to do.

Most recently, I found myself with a very nice organic bottle of Rose which automatically makes me think of summer in southern France. I really can’t tolerate much wine or alcohol in general and it certainly doesn’t support my overall health goals. Worse yet, it makes me wake up in the middle of the night as my liver kicks into high gear to clear out the gunk I just tossed in there.

Can you relate? Maybe you’re not a drinker at all but perhaps you can relate to sugary desserts or eating junk foods?

Instead of thinking of this as an “F” for failure in your quest for health think of it as an “F” for feedback.  This is an opportunity to learn and move on.

Let’s ask some questions?

What were you feeling as you were making that decision? This is a biggie!

Were you feeling stressed out from work? If so, how exactly? Maybe you were feeling unappreciated, attacked, too many people asking for too many things from you?

Were you feeling lonely? We are so connected online these days but it’s not the same as having a real in person conversation with someone.

Were you feeling like you already had a huge piece of cake that day and so what’s a glass of wine? Might as well put it all together on the same day right?

Do you feel worthy of being in great health? 

It’s so easy to put others first and ourselves last. Is this you? Do you put your partners needs first? Maybe your child or your dog gets first dibs on your time? When we don’t take time to fill up our own cup through self care, it’s easy for us to become drained and then make unhealthy decisions – like eating an entire pan of brownies.

Is your home a total disaster making you feel totally overwhelmed?

When we live in a cluttered mess, our mind can feel like a cluttered mess too. When this happens, overwhelm takes hold and we just shut down. Time to break out the ice cream and binge watch netflix rather than deal with it, right? It’s hard to keep a healthy habit when our home is a distracting mess.

Now comes the fun part, what would it feel like to be the healthiest version of you?

Would you look awesome in your bikini? Would your hair be shiny and lush? Would you have a rosy and flawless complexion and a smile on your face? Maybe a bounce in your step and your energy is contagious to others? Dream big! Write it all down or make a vision board for how you want to feel. Envision yourself as this person every single day, several times a day. What will she eat for lunch? What does she do after work? What’s her weekend look like?

Be your healthiest version of you. And don’t stress if you have some dessert for crying out loud, even the healthiest version of you still has a bit of indulgence!

Not sure how to make this stick? Set up a chat with me (using this link) and we can explore what that could look like.


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