The Health Habit Book Review

I’ve just finished reading The Health Habit, 7 Easy Steps by Elizabeth Rider (a fellow Puget Sound resident) and it’s an awesome! This is a foundational book for women’s health. If I had this information before I’d been diagnosed with Hashimotos, I’m wondering if I wouldn’t have slowed or even reverse the degenerative process!

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of diet books when we don’t feel like we’re loosing the extra weight that creeps on. Or perhaps run to the doctor who sees us for 10 minutes and prescribes a pill or tells us it’s all in our head.

What if, instead, you take a more holistic approach to your health, pick up a book that gives you guidance on diet and lifestyle but not a strict dietary plan?  What if this book didn’t make you feel shamed but instead made you feel hopeful?

That’s where the Health Habit book comes in.

Why I Recommend This Book

  1. Elizabeth’s writing is approachable and conversational.  So many health and wellness books can be filled with the science behind health or go into great depth about enzymes and retroviruses but this book is more foundational in healthy habit formation which is why it’s so easy – that is 7 easy steps.
  2. This book covers food habits and lifestyle habits which is so important. It’s not enough to eat super healthy if you’re in a toxic relationship or toxic environment because you’ll hit a health wall. I bet that’s frustrated the heck out of you in the past.
  3. Elizabeth also includes a 28-day kick-start plan and recipes! Who doesn’t like that? Elizabeth excels at recipe creation. I especially like her Creamy Cauliflower and Leek Soup (note you can replace the stock with bone broth).

I’m writing this blog post today as well because Elizabeth just announced that you can pre-order her book today for a 50% total discount! Today is Amazon Prime Day and she has an added discount code for today PRIMEBOOK19 that give you an extra $5 off.

Again here is the link to preorder the book. Even if you’re already deep into an Autoimmune Protocol diet you’ll still find some great advice and guidance.

Happy reading!


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