Sweet Potato Round Appetizer

This is possibly my favorite new appetizer and it?s perfect for the holidays. The toppings I used in this recipe work really well with the sweet potato but feel free to experiment with your own fabulous and yummy creation. This is vegan, paleo and whole 30 compliant as well.</span style=”font-size:20px”>

Ingredients:</span style=”font-size:20px”>

2-3 Sweet Potatoes or Yams (I used yams) cut into 1/2 inch slices</span style=”font-size:20px”>

2 Tbsps Melted Coconut Oil (you can sub with olive oil)</span style=”font-size:20px”>

1 8 oz. Container Baba Ganoush (organic preferred)</span style=”font-size:20px”>

1 Cucumber Diced Small</span style=”font-size:20px”>

5 oz Sundried Tomatoes in Olive Oil Julienned</span style=”font-size:20px”>

3 Tbsps Basil Chifonade</span style=”font-size:20px”>

Za?atar Spice (available at most stores)</span style=”font-size:20px”>

Sea Salt</span style=”font-size:20px”>

Directions:</span style=”font-size:20px”>

1. Preheat oven to 425 F and place rack on the lowest levels.</span style=”font-size:20px”>

2. Place sliced rounds onto a parchment lined roasting pan or rimmed sheet. You may need two sheets depending on the size of your sweet potatoes or yams. Be sure not to crowd them because you?ll need to be able to flip them mid-way through the cooking process.</span style=”font-size:20px”>

3. Brush each side of your rounds with the melted coconut oil.</span style=”font-size:20px”>

4. Roast the rounds for 10 to 15 minutes each side. You want the rounds to be a little toasty on each side so they hold together well with the toppings on them. Remove the sheet to flip the rounds over and then roast for 10 to 15 minutes more.</span style=”font-size:20px”>

5. Remove the potatoes let cool a bit before the next step. I placed mine on a paper towel lined plate.</span style=”font-size:20px”>

6. Top each round with a tsp of baba ganoush, a pinch of basil, a few pieces of diced cucumber, a few pieces of julienned sundries tomato and then finally a pinch of za?atar and sea salt. Serve room temperature.</span style=”font-size:20px”>

Note if you make extra sweet potatoes for a later time, keep them separated and in the fridge. Top them before you want to eat them.</span style=”font-size:20px”>

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Can?t wait to make this recipe a few more times before the year is up!</span style=”font-size:20px”></span style=”font-size:20px”>


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