Ready for a Fantastic Year?

I’m sure you’ve read a ton of social media posts about other people’s New Year Resolutions. Maybe you feel like you should do something similar like “I’m going to wake up at 5am every morning and get myself to the gym” or “I’m going to eat kale every day” or “I’m going to quit sugar”.

But the more important question is why? Ask yourself why until you get to the real reason.  For instance, I want to quit sugar because I think it’s not healthy for me. Why? Because when I have it, I feel guilty and then I have cravings for more sugary foods just an hour or so later.  Why? I think it may spike my blood sugar and my last blood tests said I’m on the verge of having type 2 diabetes and my parents had that and they ended up being dependent on insulin and I don’t want to be dependent on medication, I want to control my own health. Right now, I feel out of control. Ah, there it is. You know yourself better than anyone. Getting to the real why is a powerful driver in reaching your goal.

So in this case, perhaps your new years goal will be to regain control of your health and the first step is to start doing things for your body that you know will be good for you, like quiting sugar.

Next step is to take that goal and break it down into small steps that you can do each and every day. For instance, if you are planning on lunch out with friends and you usually order a soda, replace that with sparkling water with lemon. Or, if you know you usually buy coffee and a pastry if you don’t bring your breakfast to work, make an effort the night before to make some overnight chia seed pudding with unsweetened coconut milk and some berries. Since overall control of your health is what you’re really after, make sure to add new small changes each day. A mid morning walk around the block to refresh yourself before diving back into work. Or perhaps you take a Saturday morning to clear some household clutter which has a surprising effect on mood and even what you eat! Any small steps to take you towards your goal for the year will give you an amazing results by December.

Finally, keep your goals simple and impactful. Try not to pick more than 3 because it can be overwhelming and, let’s face it, remembering more than a few goals is tough. If you can’t remember what goal you made then you won’t remember to take the small steps towards that goal each day.

Happy new years beautiful and fabulous you!

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