How to Detox Your Emotions for Vibrant Health

Did you know that when we are in a constant state of negative emotions and stress your body will shut down its immune system response and hold onto toxins? 

In this video, I explain what negative emotions and stress are in relationship to your biology and I provide 4 of my top tips to reverse this so you can attain vibrant health.

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What do I mean by negative emotions and stress? 

For most of us, our ego (also called the little mind or primitive mind) keeps us in a state of fearful and negative thoughts in order to protect us from danger. It keeps us safe from disaster, or a tiger that might chase us at any moment but it also strikes when we want to strive for something we’re excited about or anxious about like bringing up the courage to ask for a raise. This ego tells us we’re not good enough, who are we to want that – we don’t deserve it. It basically puts us into an overly cautious state of mind anticipating terrible danger as a result of what we want.

Another way negative thoughts can creep up may be from limiting beliefs about yourself. Beliefs that may have been formed when you were a child based on your observations or what you may have been told. Like “girls aren’t good at math” and so you grow up with the subconscious belief that you aren’t good at math and so you don’t try to work at match or at a profession that requires a lot of math. Or you observe your dad working long hours at a job he hates and so you form the subconscious belief that work is something to endure, not to take pleasure in. This results in you seeking a profession for the sake of pay but not for the sake of fulfillment.  This creates negative feelings about yourself and your abilities. 

Other negative emotions that affect our health include jealousy, anger, fear, sadness, low-self worth and overwhelm. Your emotions change your biology

The list goes on but ultimately these negative thoughts and emotions change your body’s chemistry. You start to produce more stress hormones, your body doesn’t digest or detox well and your heart rate variability goes down. In fact, these changes really prohibit you from healing your body even if you have the cleanest diet in the world and exercise regularly. If you’re stressed and consumed by negative emotions your cells will hold onto toxins even if you go through a detox program. 

So what can you do to start lifting your mood and relieve stress?

  1. Meditation – Just 5 minutes a day of sitting in silence, breathing deeply and quieting your mind will help you calm that fight or flight response you get from chronic stress. This will also allow you to observe your thoughts and start to control them more effectively. Most of those small mind or ego thoughts are total BS.  There’s no truth in them. In fact, most of these thoughts are focused on worrying about the future in “what if…” scenarios.
  2. Relationships – It’s hard to lift yourself up if you’re in toxic relationships or surrounded by people who bring you down. That friend who leaves you feeling sad and empty at the end of a conversation. The family member who spent the last hour complaining about every single thing on the planet. How about the coworkers who just want to go out drinking every chance they get to complain about other people at the company or your boss? 
  3. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, also called Tapping is a great way to help lift your mood by tapping on specific energy points on the body while talking through emotional blocks. I’m a big fan of Brad Yates on youtube. 
  4. Neurofeedback – This is another great way to train your brain to self regulate negative emotions. This requires working with a trained Neurofeedback practitioner. 

When you are in a state of gratitude and self love, (rather than hatred, fear or low self esteem) your body will perform miracles for you by changing your body chemistry to support your immune system, produce growth hormones that replace dying cells and detox more efficiently. 

Your body is amazing and you have more control over your health than you may have previously thought. So what can you do today to transform your health? 

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