How This One Affirmation Helps Me Overcome Unhealthy Cravings

Overcome Unhealthy Cravings

I’ve been doing some soul searching lately with regard to my goal to be auto-immune disease free. One hangup I have over and over are my food cravings that increase my inflammation. And this one small shift has made a big difference. It’s an affirmation that I tell myself each day.

“I love myself completely. Every decision I make will improve my health. I will be healthy and healed.”

This may seems sort of simple but this helps! I often crave sugar and wine and deep fried gluten free salty foods. This affirmation reminds me to look at where those cravings are coming from, be thankful for recognizing them and then give myself a big hug and reach for some more sparkling water with lime.

Note that if you’re having trouble with the loving yourself completely part consider doing some forgiveness work. Write down something you feel guilty about that comes up for you when you think of this affirmation. Then using the Ancient Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness called Ho’oponopo say the following. “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” Maybe play some ukulele music while you do this to add some extra ambiance. You laugh, but seriously!


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