Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

I’m so happy to share with you my Holiday Gift Guide 2022! I’m ready to sit by a fire, cozy up in my favorite bulky wool sweater and enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

It’s important to me to give gifts that are aligned with my core values and that is to support a healthy lifestyle!

Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts Under $50

Hu Dark Chocolate – I am a chocolate gal, no doubt about it. I happen to love Hu Dark Salty Chocolate. This company started in 2011 by three founders focused on creating clean, anti-inflammatory foods. Hu chocolate is organic, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and paleo friendly!

Solid Walnut Cutting Board– This solid walnut cutting board is made in the US and is beautiful. The benefit to solid wood versus wood cutting boards with seams is that bacteria can’t sneak in. This makes it safe to use with animal proteins. This also makes for a beautiful holiday gift, perfect for displaying charcuterie!

Purity Coffee – This is my go to mold free and organic coffee. Coffee beans can easily be contaminated with mold and loaded with mycotoxins. This is because of the way they’re dried, processed and stored. Even if they’re roasted and no mold lives on them, the toxin that mold produces can still be present. Purity coffee tests their coffee for mycotoxins at every step of their process. 

Pact Organic Socks – These are my go to socks for three seasons out of the year! I buy Pact basics for my whole family – socks, undies and t-shirts. Usually they end up as stocking stuffers – no joke! These are all GOTS certified organic and affordable.

Younger You by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald – This is a great book for anyone who wants to slow the aging process! Dr. This book contains delicious, nutrient dense recipes that will help your body on a cellular level. I recommend getting this for yourself and a friend, then buddy up to go through her month long program together.

Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts Under $100

Hatch Restore Wakeup Light – One way to wake your body gently is to use a wake light alarm. Hatch takes this one step further by allowing you to program a sleep cycle which can include sounds and meditation to help you get ready for sleep and ease your body into waking with light.  They also have a children’s light that has different relaxing sounds and can act as a night light.

Microgreens Grow Kit – Microgreens are densely packed with nutrients and are easy to add to salads and smoothies. They’re also incredibly easy to grow, especially when you take the planning out of the process with a done-for-you kit. 

Bodum Double Walled Coffee Press – I love french pressed coffee. You don’t need any wasteful filters for it and because there’s no tubing or hard to clean parts, there’s no chance for mold growth. Plus it’s so easy to use! This version is double walled so it helps keep your coffee warm. You can even bring it camping! 

Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts under $500

Baloo Weighted Blankets – Finally! A weighted blanket made without synthetic fabric. This blanket is made with cotton and filled with micro glass beads (not unlike sand). It’s washable and can be put in the dryer as well. Why a weighted blanket? Weighted blankets feel like a gentle hug and can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. With breathable cotton, you won’t overheat with this weighted blanket.

InstaPot – This is my absolute favorite kitchen appliance. I love that I can make a slow cook pot roast in less than an hour or that I can make a hearty soup or stew in just minutes.

Apollo Neuro – I’ve been using Apollo Neuro for over a year and I love it! This wearable band (for wrist or ankle) helps your body to recover from stress so you can relax, sleep and focus better. Chronic stress is perhaps the most prevalent health crisis we face. This little wearable helps you move into a parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system state by sending small vibrations to your nervous system. 

Oura Ring – I’m on my second upgraded Oura Ring and I wear it every day. I love the new period prediction feature that came out this year. I use this ring to track activity, sleep and heart rate variability. By tracking these, I can see how my activities and lifestyle during the day impact each.

Berkey Water Filter – Good clean water is something we all need. Berkey makes it easy by providing a stainless steel container with a block carbon filtration system (optional fluoride filter – a must!) in an easy to set up and low tech system. I use this for all drinking and cooking water in my home. 

Epigenetic Hair Testing – Health is the biggest gift of all! This hair test has been a game changer for clients wanting to take the first steps towards improving their health. The results include food and supplement recommendations. Each test comes with an hour long appointment to review the results and personalize recommendations. This test can be shipped anywhere in the US except New York State.

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