Do These 7 Things to Set Yourself Up For an Incredible New Decade

The year and the decade is coming to a close in just a few short weeks! I know that for most of us, we wait until the very end of the year and then make goals for the new year. But I’d like to offer you a different approach.

Decade in Review

I’m doing a review of the past decade and there are a few reasons for this.

  1. I’m reviewing what I’m super proud of including accomplishments, milestones, self awareness and overall health.
  2. I’m reflecting on all the things I wish I hadn’t done. This isn’t to let myself fall into a rabbit hole of regret. This is so that I don’t make the same mistakes again! Why is this important? Because if I want anything to change in the next decade, it’s best not to repeat old behaviors.
  3. I’m envisioning what I want the new decade to hold financially, relationship-wise and health-wise. Then I’m going to feel it, imagine that it’s already happening.

The great thing is that this review will give you a 10 year health history filled with clues that will help guide you in your health journey. This is like a truncated version of what I take my clients through early on in the coaching program.

Wrap Up To-Do Items7 Things to Set Yourself Up For an Incredible New Decade - Jessica Green

The other thing I’m doing this month is finishing up the last of my to do items! Why? Because starting the new decade with a clean slate is opening yourself up to experience new things. Finish up the old and move on! Here are some things you might ask yourself.

  1. Do I have any unfinished projects that I can wrap up in the next few weeks? Maybe it’s hanging those framed photos you made from your vacation this year or hanging that coat rack you bought 6 months ago.
  2. Do I have clutter that’s been bugging me? If it’s bugging you then it’s taking up your precious energy you could be using to focus on what you really want. Get rid of the clutter now, don’t wait til the new year.
  3. Is there anyone I’ve been meaning to get together with but just haven’t found the time? Now is the time to meet up with friends or family before the end of the year or at least make a solid plan to be with them in the new year.

Health Habits

Finally, I’m implementing one new health habit that I’ve been meaning to really nail down all year long.  Yes I know it’s the holidays and it’s hard to start something new but you know what? It’s still going to be hard next year. It’s not like healthy habits become easier the second January 1st appears. Just so you know, mine is eating at least 2-3 cups of non-starchy veggies for lunch and dinner each day.

  1. What is the one health habit you know you should implement today that you’ve been putting off? Is it drinking less alcohol? Drinking more water? Eating more veggies? Getting to the gym? Going to bed by 10pm? Meditating? Whatever it is, get into that health habit starting today.

Don’t wait to start the life you want. Your body, mind and bank account don’t know what year it is or that a new decade is on the horizon. Acting now is the most important gift you can give yourself and your family.

Now, until the end of the 2019, I’m offering 20% off my Vibrant Health program. Don’t wait to get back on track. Book a chat with me here to learn more.


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