I Take Calcium-D-Glucarate – Here’s Why

Calcium-D-Glucarate isn’t just for calcium supplementation. About a year ago I had my hormones tested in addition to my hemoglobin A1c tested. I know that an imbalance in one hormone, like insulin for instance, can also lead to an imbalance in other hormones. At the time I was working on my diet to get my newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes under control and wanted to make sure I was supporting my body properly. I discovered that I had estrogen dominance. Specifically my estradiol levels were high. Needless to say I was concerned, left unchecked, this can lead to estrogen dominance cancers like breast cancer.

Many of us who have autoimmune conditions have the MTHFR gene variation.  When triggered, through environmental factors and stress, it’s difficult to methylate and get rid of heavy metals and other toxins.  I happen to have several of these markers myself.  What that means is that I have difficulty also getting rid of excess estrogen – like estradiol.

How Calcium-D-Glucarate Can Help Detox Estradiol

Happily, there’s an easy to find supplement called Calcium-D-Glucarate (CDG) that helps not just with detoxing excess estradiol but it also helps support liver health.

  1. Liver Health – Calcium-D-Glucarate turns into glucaric acid when taken orally. In the stomach it scavenges for toxins and helps them release through urine. It also moves around the body doing the same function. This is a huge help because we want toxins to move out the body as efficiently as possible so they don’t get recirculated and continue to build up.
  2. Releasing Excess Estrogen – Excess estrogen can cause infertility, mood changes, weight gain around the waist, fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, low sex drive and uterine fibroids. Do you also recognize some of these as symptoms of autoimmune diseases? Conventional doctors would prescribe Tamoxifen which has serious side effects. This study though show that Calcium-D-Glucarate is just as effective as Tamoxifen in breast cancer prevention by effectively ridding the body of excess estrogen.

Taking Calcium-D-Glucarate

Calcium-D-Glucarate has no known side effects but it should be noted it can make some drugs less effective, like statins.  Be sure to check with your doctor before taking this supplement. I take one a day and was able to get my estradiol levels back into a normal range within a few months.  The time of day you take this doesn’t matter and it lasts in your body for up to 5 hours. I take mine in the morning.

Remember, our bodies are designed to work perfectly in balance. When our detox pathways are disrupted that doesn’t just trigger build up of environmental toxins, it keeps us from detoxing excess hormones as well. It’s so important that if you have an autoimmune disease, have your hormones checked. I regularly have my thyroid (T3, T4, TPO), progesterone, testosterone and estrogen levels checked as well as my H A1c. You can have your thyroid and stress hormones tested right at home with this test kit.

I fully intent to optimize my health so I can live to see my daughter grow into a beautiful capable woman and this is just one of the ways I do that.

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Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute healthcare advice. Please consult your healthcare provider before taking any new supplements.


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