Sleep Makeover

Your 4 Week Roadmap to Restorative Sleep for

  • More energy 
  • Less stress 
  • Healthier relationships 

Program Begins 11/11 – Registration Open!



  • What if you wake up refreshed and ready for the day? 
  • What if you had all the energy that you needed to achieve not just your daily to do list but also your bigger goals?
  • What if you had all the resources you needed in one place to get started?


  • Without spending oodles of time researching on the internet, using trial and error to get better sleep or spending $$$$ on supplements that you end up trying for a few days and forget them?



  • Sleep deprivation can cause you to overeat carbs the next day, resulting in weight gain and increased risk of diabetes
  • Poor quality sleep can make you more anxious, depressed and short tempered which doesn’t help your relationships or caring for young children
  • Lack of sleep weakens your immune system especially when exposed to viruses like colds or flus
  • Being drowsy during the day can increase your risk for car accidents
  • Memory issues, lack of sleep can impair your ability to convert short term memories to long term and can impair your ability to keep long term memories
  • Your concentration, creativity and problem solving skills are impaired when you don’t get enough rest.
  • Not enough quality sleep can lower your libido and in men, reduce testosterone levels.
  •  You’ve tried some things to get some sleep but they only sort of worked so you stopped and now you’re too exhausted to make a decision for what’s next.


“Jessica has changed my life for the better in so many ways! The fact that I now sleep like a baby every night is directly thanks to her. Not only has she helped me sleep better (which makes everything feel better) she has also helped me declutter my life and make better choices in a variety of ways. Jessica has definitely helped me to make better nutrition choices, but she doesn’t only look at diet and exercise. What sets her apart from other health coaches is that she looks at your whole health picture: body, mind, and environment. She has a wealth of knowledge and is laser-like insightful, while also being an excellent and patient listener. Perhaps my favorite thing about working with Jessica is that she offers concrete and doable solutions–but I also love that she has a very warm and kind manner. I highly recommend working with her!”


Speaking Coach

Jessica came along during a chaotic time in my life when I was facing major life changes. Participating in Jessica’s coaching program provided the opportunity to refocus priorities by providing clarity around personal and professional goals. We worked specifically around tools for better sleep habits, setting work boundaries, discovering healthier meals and reflecting on my long-term vision for myself and family. Not once did I feel judged. Jessica met me where I was ready to begin and guided me through small attainable goals that allowed for huge progress along my health and wellness journey.


Business Owner


Hi, I’m Jessica. When I was in my early 30’s I suffered from insomnia for a year. I hadn’t been able to get a real full night’s sleep. I kept waking up at 1 or 2 in the morning with my mind racing, completely unable to turn it off.

I suffered from this. I gained weight, developed new food sensitivities, got sick often and felt depressed as well as exhausted. On top of this, my memory was terrible and I had some serious brain fog which made running an office difficult!

Flash forward to today, even though this has been a difficult year, I’m able to get restful and restorative sleep. I wake up when I intend too and often without an alarm clock. Inflammation has gone, food sensitivities are almost non-existent and I feel happy.

I want the same for you as well. That’s why I created this program.

I’ve seen the changes that getting a good night’s sleep has for my private clients and now I’m bringing this process to you. 

Who I Work With

I find that my roadmap works well for two groups of women

  • Professional working Mom’s who want to get restorative sleep so they can be the best parent they can be while also feeling focused at work.
  • Women who have been trying anything they read about sleep but haven’t had success at getting restorative sleep they know they need in order to win at work and life.

I encourage women I work with to bring their husbands or partners to join them in this program  (no additional fee required).

How it Works

  • You’ll get one module per week filled with resources and worksheet to help keep you accountable ($150 value)
  • Each Module focuses on a different area of sleep including; Sleep Environment, Lifestyle, Nutrition and Mindset
  • Every week, I’ll be hosting a live call that will be scheduled based on the best time for most participants. This call will include the weekly training as well as Q&A. ($400 value)
  • You’ll get a bonus! When you sign up, I’ll be sending you a package of basic sleep support supplements to help you while you implement the strategies discussed each week. ($100 value)
  • Private Facebook Group to share wins and help each other be accountable

When: November 11th – December 12th

Value: $650

Cost: $297

How much time will this take? I'm busy as it is!

The trainings are 1 hour long including Q&A. The program is roughly 4 weeks with a bonus session at the end. 5 hours out of 5 weeks is just 2.5% of your work week. The homework is simple, quick and you choose what to implement and when.  

I already have sleep supplements can I get a discount on the program if I don't want these?

No, but you can exchange the bonus supplements for a 1 hour personal coaching session with me at any time during this program. 

I feel like I've already tried so many things to get some sleep, how is this program different?

 The roadmap I lay out is a wholistic approach to getting restorative sleep. I did this because nobody is the same.  For instance, one person may be having sleep issues because they can’t get their child to sleep easily. Another may have have a lifestyle habits that make it difficult to wind down before bed. This approach allows for each person to trouble shoot their own sleep issues in a systematic way.

When will the trainings be?

Once everyone is signed up, I’ll be sending out a survey to find a time that works best for everyone. If for any reason you can’t make a training, you’ll receive the recorded video. 

Have questions about this program? Don’t hesitate to email me at 

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