Are you exhausted at work because you’ve stayed up til 3am scouring google to figure out how to fix your health?

Save yourself the time and sleep by working with someone who’s been there. 

Vibrant Health

Are you feeling like you’re aging prematurely because you keep forgetting where you put your keys or can’t recall what you did the day before? Do you always feel ready for a nap after lunch? Are you inclined to go to bed by 8pm every night? 

These are all symptoms – your body’s way of telling you something is out of balance. You might have an idea of what these are but perhaps you’re just not sure exactly what to do to reverse these and feel young and vibrant again. 

This is where working with a health coach can help.

Is this you?

  • You’re exhausted regardless of how many sleep aids you’ve tried. You always wake up tired.
  • Aches and pains make you feel like you’re 80 years old even though you’re only 35. 
  • Your hair has been thinning and you’ve started to worry that you’ll be bald by the time you hit 50.
  • You go to the gym three days a week and haven’t changed your diet but you haven’t lost the belly fat.


[re: Online Program] You are so good in presenting everything! I really like your voice and your style, not too slow and not too fast. Really like your expertise too, it comes through how competent you are in so many areas. You have done a great job in studying and also presenting the most important stuff in a pedagogic, easy to understand way!

M. – Sweden

Are You Ready to Get Clear on Your Goals?

Book a free discovery session with me. During this session you’ll discover real clarity around your health goals. By the end of the call you’ll know if you’re ready to make the changes in your life to transform your health.

My Story

I found a lump. I’ve never been very sick in my life. Always the healthy one in my family. I ended up at the doctors got a diagnosis of Hashimotos and a goiter. 

I would be on medication for the rest of my life.  Except I’d never feel as energetic as I used to. In fact the last time I can remember feeling great was in high school! 

What the heck happened? Sadly this would happen two more times. My hair started falling out leaving big bald patches (alopecia areata)  in my otherwise full head of healthy hair. Then I got a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. I was just floored. I couldn’t figure out how to climb out of this mess. I was obsessed with finding answers and more importantly find solutions. 

​Through a lot of self experimentation, working with naturopathic doctors and training to become an integrative nutrition health coach,  I’ve discovered nutrition, detoxing heavy metals and other environmental toxins, eliminating infections and some small lifestyle changes for me have helped me to be on my road to recovery.  

The entire time I was going through this process I couldn’t stop thinking about how many women are out there going through the same thing  – feeling frustrated, ignored, told there’s no hope and then being sent home with pills that only mask symptoms, if that.    I am passionate about helping you not go through what I went through or at least short cut that whole process. Don’t let it take 8 years for you to get back on track. Life it too short to not feel your best. 


Work with me one-on-one for 4 months and discover what you’re capable of.

  • Have more energy so you can tackle those projects you’ve been meaning to get to.
  • Regain mental clarity and memory so you can achieve more with less effort
  • Heal your gut (the root of most autoimmune conditions)
  • Rebalance hormones
  • Stop unwanted hair loss 
  • Above all, learn what you body wants so you can be the best version of you without your autoimmune symptoms



Book a free discovery session with me. During this session you’ll discover real clarity around your health goals. By the end of the call you’ll know if you’re ready to make the changes in your life to transform your health.

Vibrant Health

 Each program is customized to fit your needs. 

During our time together I’ll provide you with:

  • 12 – 50 minute one-on-one coaching sessions. We meet once a week for three weeks on and then one week off each month for four months. These are conducted over phone or online.
  • Your health history to learn about your health journey from birth to now. This allows us to uncover hidden triggers to your dis-ease.
  • Email support in between sessions for any questions you may have. We are a team in your health journey and you have me to support you in your journey to health.
  • Simple recipes to help set you up for success along with meal plan guidance.
  • Welcome gift to help set you up for success. 


    My 4 month, one-on-one coaching program is $997 (a 10% savings!) or you can pay four monthly payments of $275.  Your health is priceless. Are you ready to invest?



    Why I Created this Program?

    I created this program because I’m passionate about helping you to feel hopeful about turning your health around. There is so much information out there these days and it can be really confusing. Will being a raw vegan cure me of my autoimmune disease? How about a Ketogenic Diet? What about supplements? I understand because I was there.  I want to share my knowledge and experience with you so you can create a happy and healthy life you deserve without the scarcity.  It’s time to Thrive not just Survive.

    In Health and Wellness,

    Jessica Green