IV Detox Therapy – Is it Right for You?

This month has been my big detox month. In addition to my usual clean diet, I added infrared saunas twice a week and IV therapy twice this month.

What is IV Detox Therapy?

It’s a solution of electrolytes and vitamins that help the body detox more quickly and it’s given intravenously. In my case the IV also included what’s called a glutathione push (which is for liver support).

What are the Benefits?

IV can help effectively correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies. This process can help deliver up to 10 times the nutrients than from taking them orally due to intestinal absorption limitations. For detoxing purposes, this vitamin, amino acid and micronutrient cocktail provided me with liver support and detoxification to help my body better fight chronic diseases and viruses.

The Result?

After the first IV treatment I felt sick for about three days and very thirsty. This is not an uncommon reaction to initial detoxing. The reason for this is that we store toxins in our fatty tissue and organs, when we detox those toxins are shaken loose in order to be eliminated. When that happens it’s as though we’ve been exposed to high amounts of poisons and so we feel sick until those are flushed out. After my second IV treatment though, some of my fatigue went away and I have more energy.

Is This Right for You?

Possibly. If you’ve been eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) then a change in your diet alone could go a long way to detoxing a build up of toxins. Starting with SAD and jumping right into an IV Detox Therapy could be a bit much since your toxic load is likely high making any detox symptoms more extreme. If however you’ve been eating a clean diet (whole foods, not processed) then this could be a great way to kick off your detox on high gear with limited down time in terms of detox flu.

Where Can You Find This Service?

IV Therapy can be found through some naturopathic doctor offices and integrative healthcare institutes. You will need to work with the doctor to determine if this is a good option for you and if so what type of treatment would be recommended. Google “IV Therapy” near you.


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