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Does lack of sleep and low energy make you feel like you’d rather curl up on the couch with a pot of coffee rather than get on with your day?

Feeling like someone ran off with your grey matter and left mush in its place?

Do you feel as though your health is spiraling in decline and you just don’t know how to get it back?

Are you worried that if this continues that you’ll end up being a burden on your family?

What if you can rewrite this?

After 8 hours of sleep so deep and dreams so refreshing you wake up feeling like you just took a tropical vacation.

Your thoughts are so clear that you know what the day will bring and you’re going to accomplish more today than you’ve had all week.

You’re health is finally under control, you know what foods and activities make you feel fabulous and what to avoid.

Most importantly, you’re a gift to your family and always present for them in the best possible way.

Detox For Vibrant Health

Want to feel fabulous again but just don’t know where to start? I get it. You’ll go from fatigued to fabulous in 8 weeks.

Detox For Vibrant Health Plus Personalized Support

Get my 8 week Detox For Vibrant Health plus 2 one-on-one coaching calls to help you personalize your approach.
Top 5 Reasons for Brain Fog

Top 5 Reasons for Brain Fog

Have you ever sat in a meeting wanting to chime in but feeling just too slow in connecting your thoughts with your words? Or maybe you’ve been steadily taking more and more detailed notes because you just can’t remember the conversations you had the day before? Or...

2020 Low-Tox Lifestyle Gift Guide

2020 Low-Tox Lifestyle Gift Guide

I love to share my favorite products with friends, family, clients and my community. I get so many questions about safe alternatives to toxic products that I thought I'd make my 2020 Holiday Gift Guide all about supporting a low-tox lifestyle. What is a low-tox...

Are You More Stressed Than You Know?

Are You More Stressed Than You Know?

Rushing out the door to catch the ferry to get to work. Rushing to catch the shuttle to get to work. Downing two or three coffees each morning to "get going". Back to back meetings that I ran. Eating lunch at my desk while trying to catch up on news. More meetings and...

4 Easy Ways to Detox Your Kitchen

4 Easy Ways to Detox Your Kitchen

I used to cook using teflon coated skillets, microwave leftovers in plastic containers, drink water out of plastic water bottles, store food in plastic and bake on aluminum foil. Why? Because that’s how I was raised.  The problem with all of these is that they...

How to Reduce Your PFAS Exposure

How to Reduce Your PFAS Exposure

When I read the other day what’s on the dental floss I’ve used in the past, I had a panic attack! Ok, not quite that but my mouth dropped open and I stared unbelievingly. Is nothing safe? Or rather, is no conventional and popular brand of product safe? I’m starting to...

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