3 Simple Ways to Detox, Without Drinking Green Juice

Ways To Detox - Jessica Green

We live in such a fast paced world especially when it comes to diet trends, superfood trends and supplement trends. It can be totally overwhelming. Throw in the latest studies on what to eat and not eat, which inevitably contradict last year’s studies, it’s enough to make us give up and go to In and Out.

What if I told you, you can do some serious detoxing without stressing over what green juice to drink and how many carbs to eat?  Pretty great right?

  1. Get 8 Hours of Shuteye. Sleep is paramount in detoxing your brain at night. At night, our brains flush out toxins that’ve made it through the blood brain barrier (BBB) and drains them out through our lymphatic system. There are so many great hacks for improving sleep quality and quantity. But what you may not have heard was that turning off your WiFi at night, turning off your WiFi on your computers and turning your cell phone on airplane mode helps. Bonus points if you turn off any screen devices two hours before bed which will help your melatonin level increase so you can fall asleep right away. Not possible? Try amber glasses to read screens within two hours of bedtime.
  2. Get Rid of Fragrances. “Fragrances” in any household or personal care products is a serious hiding place for toxic chemicals that can cause a huge range of symptoms. Hormone disruption, allergies, asthma, headaches and even cancer. Manufacturers use this term to hide ingredients using the excuse that they are proprietary. The problem is that some of those ingredients are toxic and can include manufacturing byproducts that are even worse. So take a big box, walk around your house and collect all the offending products and promise yourself to never buy them again. Remember, if you don’t put it on your body or breath it in, in the first place, there’s less to detox!
  3. Take some BioSil. What? Yeah this is a weird hack but here it goes. Biosil, which is made of choline and silicon, helps remove aluminum from your body.  The Silicon specifically combines with aluminum making an inert aluminosilicate which is easily eliminated through the kidneys. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and if you’re still drinking canned beverages, eating food from a can or are just outside breathing in polluted air then this is a nice little way to remove that nasty metal. I take 15 drops of BioSil in a little water every day. It tastes terrible so be sure to chug it.

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Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute healthcare advice. Please consult your healthcare provider before taking any new supplements.


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