Some of the most common conditions I see in my clients is fatigue, brain fog and gut health issues.  Did you know that these can be the result of heavy metal overload? Our body can deal with some volume of toxins and still function but when we overload it, things can start to break down. 

Here’s how heavy metals overload can result in autoimmune conditions.

Heavy metals can keep our body from having a fully functioning immune system. We are exposed to viruses every day, or have reactivated viruses and simply not be aware.  They can be Epstein Barr Virus (Mono), Rocky Mountain Fever or retroviruses. When our body is bogged down with heavy metals, these viruses that would normally lay dormant, get reactivated. This is important as more and more researchers and doctors are recognizing reactivated viruses and retroviruses as a root cause of autoimmune diseases. 

In this video, I share what the top 5 heavy metals are that show up in labs, where to find these and how to detox.

What heavy metals tend to show up high in heavy metal lab tests?

The Top 5 Heavy Metals


The most common source of exposure is silver amalgams. These amalgams vaporize whenever we brush our teeth or eat food. When we have these types of amalgams in our mouth and we have other metals (like a gold crown) it can cause oral eletro-galvanism. When this happens it is possible for more mercury vapor to be released. 

Another source of mercury is in fish, particularly fish that are higher on the food chain like tuna or halibut. These fish are exposed to mercury in groundwater and runoff that’s been contaminated by coal fired energy plants.  

Action: Avoid high mercury fish like tuna and halibut and find a biological dentist in your area who is trained in safe amalgam removal.


The number one source of Arsenic is contaminated drinking water.  

You can also be exposed to this by eating food grown with arsenic contaminated water. This is especially true for high water using crops such as rice. Arsenic is naturally occurring as well, but is also a waste product of industrial production. There is a strong cancer link to arsenic. 

Action: Avoid rice that’s high in arsenic – go with low arsenic rice like basmati rice from California. 


The main source of Cadmium exposure for smokers is from cigarettes. For non-smokers the main source may be air and water pollution as well as foods grown with contaminated water. Similar to arsenic in rice, cadmium can be high in rice as well. 

Action: Give up smoking and go with a basmati rice from California.


The main exposed to aluminum is in the form of suspended aluminum particles in dust.  This is higher in urban areas and areas near manufacturing that involves aluminum. It’s also found in groundwater and in cosmetic and body care products like aluminum based deodorants. 

Action: Give up antiperspirants (they contain aluminum) and go with a natural deodorant. Check your personal care products with the Environmental Working Group skin deep database or read labels for aluminum content. Consider getting an air purifier and be sure to dust often with a damp cloth.


I talked about lead previously in this post. Drinking water is the biggest source of lead exposure.

Avoidance is the first step in reducing your heavy metal exposure.

That said we are in such a toxic stew and so we want to look at ways to detox on a regular basis. 

How Can You Detox from Heavy Metals?

For Aluminum,  taking Biosil is great. The silicon in biosil helps to transform aluminum into a non-toxic form that’s easily excretable. 

For the rest, looking at a heavy metal detox program is a good step. However if you have silver amalgam fillings (aka mercury), opt only for gentle binders like cilantro and chlorella and go find a biological dentist as soon as you’re able.

For those of you who don’t have silver amalgams, you may be able to try something more substantial. Do work with a functional or naturopathic medical doctor when doing a more serious heavy metal detox as they will generally be more familiar with protocols that are safe and effective. 

Think you might have an issue with heavy metals? Set up a time to chat with me for free to find out how I can support you in your healing journey.


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